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Helping Businesses Manage and Reduce Energy Costs.
Why We Are Different To Other Comparison websites.


All businesses want to reduce their energy costs.

Simply buying an online tariff from a comparison site is not a solution we fully endorse.

And here's why:
The problem with the concept of energy comparison sites for consumers of smaller volumes of energy*, is that the characteristics of your account may not be fully researched before quotes are provided. Instead, out of date data may be used or substituted and base calculations can be made on assumptions. The best quote could be based on assumptions that were simply wrong!

This area is not such a problem with larger energy consumptions as supporting evidence is usually available.

Your energy supply is a commodity with many facets: it needs to be treated with respect and individuality.

Do you really want your quotation process handled using assumptions?

Or, do you want your account to be properly researched and THEN put out to TENDER for a meaningful and highly accurate result?


We know that there are many ways to help businesses reduce their energy costs.
We know where to look.

Our mission is to find your business one of the best tariff solutions available anywhere. But we do a great deal more than that.


Provide us with a full copy of your latest invoice and an experienced professional will thoroughly investigate your business energy account and provide you with a FREE ACCOUNT VALIDATION REPORT covering:

  • Your business could be buying elements it doesn't need.
  • There could be savings for your business going forward.
  • Your business may be eligible for a refund.
  • Your tariff may not be appropriate your business
  • Charities in particular could benefit from our specialist help
  • We can tell you when and how much CO2 you use
  • We accurately calculate current annual costs so that you have a realistic budget going forward

Could this service be beneficial to your business: one seeking to reduce energy costs?

It takes one to two weeks to carry out our investigations and submit our ACCOUNT VALIDATION Report. Only then, when we are totally satisfied, will we obtain prices. There is no point in hurrying into a new supply agreement until your actual requirements have been properly researched and assessed.

We strongly advise you not to sign or agree to a verbal contract until we have investigated your account.

In summary, we think you'll understand our 'best practice' approach.

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What This Means to Our Clients Our professional values will never permit us to operate a basic cost comparison site WITHOUT understanding all aspects of your energy account. We passionately believe that our client's interests can only be protected by our in-depth investigations BEFORE obtaining prices.

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Completely INDEPENDENT of energy suppliers.

Quotes from up to 23 energy suppliers


"As FD at my previous company I engaged CCS who successfully pursued the repayment of over £50,000 related to overbilling"

Ashley Crump, MD, Manufacturing Company.

"With the help of CCS we ascertained that 37% of our electricity consumption was used when the factory was shut. Having this information ensures we can focus on where we can improve and make efficiencies"

Trevor Scott, Head of Production and Logistics, Molton Brown.

"Barbara is professional, tenacious, thorough and an excellent project manager.  Every project we have done together has resulted in excellent customer satisfaction and savings.  Her energy consultancy helped us capture additional savings and gave us even better control of our costs.  Highly recommended. "

Nick Cook, Managing Partner, NAI Haywards.


"Cost Centre Services won SILVER in the SME business category at Britain's Best Business Awards 2012 held at Edinburgh Castle on 10th September. The awards are presented to companies that can demonstrate that they are setting high standards and achieving ambitious targets in their business performance."