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How the Process Works


We Make Things Really Simple - But We Need Your Help To Start
Cost Centre Services (CCS) simplifies the process so we only ask for a minimal amount of your time. It's really easy and very quick to receive a no obligation free ACCOUNT VALIDATION REPORT. Just follow these few simple steps...

Step #1 - Letter of Authority (LOA)
We need to speak to energy suppliers on your behalf. You need to give us permission by signing a LETTER OF AUTHORITY (LOA) which you can download here and the LOA Guide here

Step #2 - Latest invoice
Please provide us with a full copy (both sides and all pages) of your latest invoices for ALL electricity and gas supplies. If you have multiple sites, we need the latest invoice for each site. Help us to help you by writing your latest meter readings on each invoice.

Step #3 – Paperwork to CCS
Return your copy invoices and your LOA so we can complete the ACCOUNT VALIDATION Report. Click Here to complete the Enquiry Form. You can post, fax or scan the paperwork Click Here for our Contact Details. The process takes one to two weeks.

Step #4 – What about the Notice of Termination?
Without a NOTICE OF TERMINATION most energy suppliers will roll you into another contract which could cost around 30% more than you need to pay. They have a strict ‘window of opportunity’ during which such NOTICE may be given. If you haven’t already done so, we can submit a NOTICE OF TERMINATION on your behalf. Tell us if you have already told your supplier. Click here to read our answer to Q: Why is it necessary to give Notice of Termination before my current contract comes to an end? Does it mean my electricity or gas will be disconnected?

Step #5 – Account Validation report
We discuss any aspects with you. We also negotiate any refunds from energy suppliers. The refund is paid into your bank account. Refunds we secure are shared between us for an agreed percentage - normally 50% of the 'found money'. If we save you money going forward - because you are buying something you don't need - we also claim 50% over the first year. Thereafter, you keep all the savings.
These arrangements re-assure our clients that we check everything and work hard investigating their account. It also means we get paid when we spot something.

Step #6 – Tender Report
Once we have validated your account, THEN we are happy to obtain prices from as many energy suppliers as possible - usually over 12, 24 and 36 month terms. We issue the TENDER Report so you can select the wining tender.

Be warned that new supply agreements are only offered on a Direct Debit (DD) basis. Many businesses have had bad experiences with DD collections. We can help in several ways. Please tell us if you have issues so that we can help manage the processes.

Step #7 –New Supply Agreement
We organise your supply agreement and energy supplier's Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) for signature. It is your responsibility to read the T&Cs. and the transfer process commences Click here to read our answer to: Q: What happens during the Transfer to another energy supplier

Step #8 – Checking everything
We check the transfer has been made on time. We contact you 5 days before the transfer date to request a meter read. We also ask you to forward a copy of your final billing which we reconcile with the first bill from your new supplier.

In our experience around 30% of transfers have meter related problems – so we carry on checking until we are satisfied.

Step #9 –Next Supply Agreement
We stay in touch and offer our services to assist with any element of energy management including a range of audit services. Click here for more information.

Our aim is to build a long lasting and secure relationship with our clients.

If you need any help, simply contact us here

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