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Energy Procurement Services Billing & Account Validation Completely Independent
Monitor & Report Expense Solutions Energy & Water Conservation

How We Help Your Business



  • First we VALIDATE your energy account: then we TENDER your supply
  • There is no charge for the ACCOUNT VALIDATION Report
  • There is no charge for the TENDER Report which is clear and fully detailed
  • Virtually all our other services are without charge
  • Comprehensive tariff search between 23 energy suppliers
  • Incorporation of multi-sites within a single Tender Report
  • Tariffs equally compared through our standard pricing platform
  • Bespoke quotes for Half Hourly electricity and large gas sites
  • Climate Change Levy (CCL) is shown separately
  • We can submit a Notice of Termination on your behalf click here
  • Management of transfers between suppliers
  • Scrutiny of billing between transferring suppliers
  • Investigation of your energy account, tariffs and consumption
  • Advice on how to lower energy consumption
  • Innovative solutions to reduce energy costs
  • Audit services (for a very small monthly fee)
  • Investigation into past billing and claim management service
  • Negotiation with energy suppliers if you have a problem
  • Our bespoke software is probably the best in the industry
  • 100% or 20% Green Energy sourced
  • We can help with Water costs: just send us your latest complete bills

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Our hours of business are:
Monday to Friday: 08.30 to 17.00

Completely INDEPENDENT of energy suppliers.

Quotes from up to 23 energy suppliers


"As FD at my previous company I engaged CCS who successfully pursued the repayment of over £50,000 related to overbilling"

Ashley Crump, MD, Manufacturing Company.

"With the help of CCS we ascertained that 37% of our electricity consumption was used when the factory was shut. Having this information ensures we can focus on where we can improve and make efficiencies"

Trevor Scott, Head of Production and Logistics, Molton Brown.

"Barbara is professional, tenacious, thorough and an excellent project manager.  Every project we have done together has resulted in excellent customer satisfaction and savings.  Her energy consultancy helped us capture additional savings and gave us even better control of our costs.  Highly recommended. "

Nick Cook, Managing Partner, NAI Haywards.


"Cost Centre Services won SILVER in the SME business category at Britain's Best Business Awards 2012 held at Edinburgh Castle on 10th September. The awards are presented to companies that can demonstrate that they are setting high standards and achieving ambitious targets in their business performance."